Editorial Guidelines for 365

Art. 1
All news outlets of 365 Media shall honor the basic rules of democracy and uphold and maintain freedom of expression in accordance with the Media Act No. 38/2011 and regulations relating to said act.
Art. 2
The subjects of news coverage have a right to express their views and shall be protected against unjust treatment in said coverage. Corrections shall be published prominently.

The vested interest of advertisers and/or owners is never taken into consideration when coverage is processed. To ensure that the public never need to doubt the objectivity of the coverage, a clear distinction shall be made between advertisements and other content.
Art. 3
The role of 365 Media’s news outlets is to inform the public. The company’s editorial boards are independent and their activities shall aim to never jeopardize the credibility of 365 Media. Editorial independence is to be upheld and editors shall be independent from the executive board and owners. In critical matters the editorial boards shall consult with the company’s liable person.

In the event that an owner, board member or staff member is a subject matter of media coverage, any comments on specific matters shall be sent to the editor of the news outlet in question after the coverage is published, with a copy sent to the liable person. Such comments shall be processed as if an unrelated individual was involved.
Art. 4
An editorial board shall never use information or circumstances created by news coverage in their own favor. Editorial staff shall shed a light on their own interests that can possibly affect the subject matter of news coverage.
Art. 5
Editorial boards shall, whenever possible, ignore any kinds of threats or other intimidations relating to news coverage.
Art. 6
Editors honor the constitutional principle that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Editors maintain the confidentiality promised if sources ask for anonymity. Sources are, however, always encouraged to come forward under their name.
Art. 7
In general there should be two independent first-hand sources for every delicate news item. A news item is considered delicate when, for some reason, attempts are made to withhold it from the media. It is adequate, however, to have one source of information if the editors deem the source to be particularly reliable.
Art. 8
365 Media’s head of news outlets is responsible for all media coverage. The executive board and CEO are otherwise responsible for the news outlet’s activities and material produced.
Art. 9
365 Media’s liable person shall present an editor with well-grounded and written comments if these rules are not adhered to or if activities are not in line with editorial and broadcasting policies. A minimum of one formal warning needs to preceed an editor‘s dismissal on the grounds of treatment of material, except in matters of especially reprehensible violations.

Approved at a 365 Media board meeting

January, 2014