365 is an enjoyable and progressive workplace guided by initiative and creativity. The company’s future is based on capable personnel that work hard every day of the year.

Choice of Personnel


To entertain the nation and convey lively news and adverts 365 days a year.

Training and continuing education policy

The importance of knowledge shall be recognised within 365 and therefore the company will organise education and training, seeing this as an investment to gain a competitive advantage.

Equal Rights

365 will observe complete equality between men and women.Each employee shall be assessed and valued by their merits. The objective is to promote the equal status of women and men and equal opportunities for employees, irrespective of sex.

Family Policy

365 aims to create harmony between the work and the family life of the employees.

Working Conditions

The company aims to ensure a good working environment for all employees, fulfilling the strictest requirements for health and safety in the workplace.