About 365

365 Midlar ltd.

365 media is a mass media and telecommunication company. It operates seven TV stations and five radio stations, a newspaper, an online media and a fashion magazine. 365 is also a telephone and an internet service provider, a ticket sales company and runs an online music website.

365 media broadcasts Stöð 2, Stöð 2 Sport, Stöð 2 Sport 2, Bíórásin, Krakkastöðin and Golfstöðin and rebroadcasts a great number of foreign television channels. The company also broadcasts five radio stations: Bylgjan, Léttbylgjan, Gullbylgjan, X-ið and FM957.

365 media publishes Fréttablaðið which is a newspaper that is distributed free of charge and the online newspaper Vísir.is.

Our history

Stöð 2 is the first privately owned television station in Iceland. It was founded in October 1986 by Jón Óttar Ragnarsson and Hans Kristján Árnason.

Television like Icelanders knew it changed in a heartbeat when Stöð 2 var founded. Stöð 2 offered varied TV program seven days a week but before that there were no transmissions on Thursdays. The channels main focus was the news and Icelandic programming.

The radio station Bylgjan was founded in 1986.

Bylgjan and the TV channel Sýn merged with Stöð 2 in May 1990 when the channel was owned by Íslenska útvarpsfélagið.

Bylgjan and the TV channel Sýn merged with Stöð 2 in May 1990 when the channel was owned by Íslenska útvarpsfélagið.

Vísir.is, an online news provider, was founded in April 1998. Vísir is one of the biggest newspaper in Iceland which holds news content from all of 365’s media.

The first issue of Fréttablaðið was published in April 2001. It was distributed free of charge to every home in Reykjavík, for the first time in Iceland.

Stöð 2, Sýn, Bylgjan, Fréttablaðið and Vísir merged into a mass media company in 2004 and formed 365 media.

In December 2012 Stöð 2 became the first Icelandic TV station to broadcast its programmes in high definition.

365 media bought Miði.is, which handles ticket sales for all kinds of events, in 2013, and Tónlist.is, a one-stop portal for Icelandic music that offers a complete portfolio of Icelandic music in variety of genres.

365 media became a telecom company in December when the company merged with Tal. The company is also a publisher of the Icelandic version of the women’s magazine Glamour, which is published all over the world by Condé Nast. The first issue was published in Iceland in March 2015.

365 media has from the start been a leading company in Iceland, which has always been the company’s goal.